vfw Logo Fun 001visionforwarminster.co.uk launched in 2008. Ideas have been adopted by local schools and councils. Still at the forefront listening to local ideas, knowledge, and  opinion with an independent open mind. Still not representing any political party or vested interest. Now with three elected town councillors supporting the initiative afresh in a new way.



23rd October  .... Whopping £50,000 increase in our local unitary (all Tory) councillor income finally revealed for 2013-14. visionforwarminster.co.uk first headlined the issue in Councillor expenses 2011 (left). More later ....

22nd October ... 'Old Style' local newspaper editor and BBC radio journalist Ray Beaty dies

19 October Steve ends his long career in journalism with a party Click HERE

17 & 18 Oct ... 1914 - 2014 shock news. Army band to lead the Remembrance Day parade will be missing ... 'Oh what !!' says one 20-year-old who has marched as a 'beaver, cub and scout' behind a band .... Local councillor is talking to locals .... hot topic HERE

Wednesday 15 Oct - 'Stand United' Rallying Call Hot topics are appearing Click HERE 


Town councillors in Warminster agree to try to limit the number of new dwellings in the town between 2006 and 2026 to 1,920.

An attampt to vote down this approach, led by Cllr Pip Ridout' and surprisingly backed by normally smiling but now taciturn councillor Jamie Cullen (who represents St. Andrews Road residents) could have seen restrictions loosened resulting in 3,000 new dwellings was rejected.

Councillors Steve Dancey, Paul Macdonald, Nick Dombowski, and Andrew Davis, after the huge public turnout supported by the words of Cllr. Sue Fraser recommended that a settlement boundary must now be as tightly drawn around the town as possible and will see Home Farm, Spurt Mead, the town park, football ground and Tynings outside the 'limits of development'.

Headlines The pioneer 1990's WWDC 'Macdonald/Syme' Rural Buffer Zone idea

The Western Urban Expansion will also have a significant buffer between it and the bypass put through against opposition again led by Cllr. Pip Ridout again supported by 'Independent' Cllr. Cullen and a brace of others.  Steve's thoughts on the meeting HERE

Tuesday 7 October - PIGEON Problem.... pigeons have reared their ugly heads again and have been causing chatter at the town council's town development committee. Is there a mystery 'pigeon feeder' ? CLICK HERE

Monday 22 September .... 'Extraordinary' town council will now meet on Tuesday 14th October .... hundreds upon hundreds passionate about the future of their town now offered extra space to give their views .... Independent councillors ask for a 7pm start ... rejected .. They ask that a 'county spatial planning officer' attend after numerous complaints from the public about comments made by Mayor County Councillor Andrew Davis.

Sunday 21st ... NATIONAL pub chain J D Wetherspoon has put tables and chairs at the front of the Bath Arms - against the wishes of town councillors. Cllr Steve Dancey says: "My advice is boycott the chain until they remove the tables. We can do without this."

Flashback photo (here) shows the uncluttered pavement in the days of free parking for shoppers to nip into local shops so keeping the town centre vibrant. What benefits now?

Friday 19th September .... 'The Cllr. Magnus Macdonald Question' is now this .... Days left to consider the 'no further action' decision of Wiltshire Council taken in July but only just sent to the public who complained about his voting as a director with a vested interest about the Warminster River Wylye Meadow housing plan .... next action?

Wednesday 17 September .... WILTSHIRE COUNCIL WHITEWASH - Unitary council will take no action over Spurt Mead Outrage unless the public state they are wrong. No sign of the 'let it rip' housing policy around Warminster ending until after the General Election?  CLICK HERE 

Tuesday 16 September .... Unprecedented scenes last night at the Warminster 'Mega-Loan' civic-cum-commercial centre as it could not cope with the public turnout to a town council meeting. Cllr Paul Macdonald acts in a 'Statesman like manner' helped by the 'Town Clerk' comment from the public afterwards. New Meeting will be held to discuss one issue. The Core Strategy 'Settlement Lines' For Warminster. 

Monday 15th September .... A TOWN COUNCIL is not acting in the best interest of residents. Can Independent Councillors stand up and speak out tonight. 'I made a mistake last year' reveals Cllr Paul Macdonald. Another elected Independent councillor 'announcement' by Steve Dancey will follow. Warminster council is in full session at 7pm. There are five Independents on the town council outnumbered by the Tories including three who also have to represent county as Wiltshire Councillors tonight at the 'mega-loan' centre.


COALITION GOVERNMENT to push on with sale of Warminster's skilled workforce as DSG is going for a song in a panic privatisation. CLICK HERE

Saturday The voluntary nurses 'with no training' have started arriving at the front line to administer bandages. This was another very visual contribution to the First World War on show at the 'must visit' WW1 exhibition at the Civic Centre in Warminster. 

Friday 16th  A 'very impressive' Warminster 'Great War' exhibition was officially opened by Mayor Andrew Davis after a surprise one minute's silence ... really well worth a visit at the Civic Centre this week .... see hot topic

14th August - Town councillor finds drugs during town centre litter-pick ... CLICK HERE.

Tuesday Update ... Councillor Paul Macdonald with the town clerk meets Wiltshire council officer for a hour to make representations on a range of issues including gully emptying

Thursday Bulletin ... Councillor wlll now join in with the town clerk in making representations about day to day issues with a county council officer.

Wednesday Update ...The settlement line map is almost unreadadle at a county council meeting but it grabs the emploment land on the edges of this town and others.

Tuesday Bulletin ... 'Is the Wiltshire Core Strategy now a 'bore' strategy as the process will drag on for another year draining the will to take part to the advantage of some vested interests?'  The strategy started in 2009 and will run for more than another year.

Monday 28th 'A 'Fair View' Gypsy Lane decision at a packed council meeting is 'one of the best that I have seen for years' says Cllr. Paul Macdonald. 'Well-argued public comment from both sides.' Refusal vote. CLICK HERE Now it goes to Wilts Council

The Sunday Bulletin ... A big week ahead for your Independent councillors .... 'A fair view over Fairview House' .... plus .... employment land or shedloads more houses .... plus another WW1 commemoration initiative .... Read more this week

Saturday 'Niall Stewart Tournament 3!' football charity event tomorrow at Highbury (not London) but Woodcock in Warminster.  Kick off 10am.

Friday 25th - Stacie's stand is encouraging more to join her and other independents in thinking they could do better than the current town councillors. "This time I am not supporting a national political rosette with their agenda imposed on us was the message. Hundreds felt the same way," said Independent Paul Macdonald. 

Thursday Election latest - Cons hold Warminster west town council seat on a meagre 16 per cent poll. Conservative Paul MacFarlane polled 388, Stacie Allensby 176 with the other independent candidate taking 122. Stacie said: "I'll be back - I'm not going away" very encouraged by her first experience of elections.

steve2010c"The Conservatives threw everything at this parish council election including two professionally designed leaflets from their well paid election agent and were obviously worried by the low turnout. They will be relieved but the lack of a solid core turnout is not a good omen for the general election!" said Steve Dancey.

Saturday 19th EXCLUSIVE - Mayor Cleans up after accident!!! Carpet fitter to mayoral Councillor to road sweep all in eight hours! (No longer exclusive as you can read more in the Wiltshire Times and the Warminster Journal) 'Will he become an old-fashioned community politician in action' says Paul Macdonald in his words of thanks 'rtc' hot topic HERE

Monday 14th July - Steve Dancey WW1 Warminster Town Council 'Gold, Silver and Bronze Aussie statue' gathers pace with the support of Humphries and Macdonald .... Three councillors will spearhead the dog fouling initiative with the town Mayor .... And a little aside!

Friday - The Wiltshire Times is the first newspaper to reveal and explore the formal complaint made against the 'prejudicial' planning decision taken about the meadow near Boreham Mill known locally as 'Spurt Mead'. Does the actions and vote by a councillor with a paid directorship demand that his housing association that 'has already .... been identified to deliver the affordable housing and they are keen to innovate an affordable housing custom build model' require criminal investigation?

Tuesday - Can it be true that ten-per-cent or more of the 'core strategy' extra total housing allocation for the whole of Wiltshire could end up in Warminster? Cllr Paul Macdonald is asked to investigate

'Two Towns' Dog fouling initiative gets the thumbs-up from Westbury Town Council last night. 'My motion was passed with a big majority' said Cllr. Russell Hawker supporting the success of Cllr. Paul Macdonald at Warminster Town Council in June - Hot Topic

Monday 7th July - In hot snippets .... Wiltshire Council love their PR but a town councillor wants more action not words .... The recycling agenda is under threat and reprieve at the same time .... and time to talk-up Warminster says Stacie

Saturday - Warminster West election updates will appear daily from Monday .... today Stacie (left) told us an important issue for her is bringing back free car parking to help the commercial viability of  the town centre shops .... and backing our dog fouling initiative .... and says we need more local control

Friday -  For those 'driven into a corner' there are now three chances a week to seek friendly help and advice and much more in a building opened by Princess Anne ... Cornerstone is now up and running ... Do you know someone they could help?

Thursday  - Another  local is the latest to complain with an impartial view to county hall about Hab ... Their Selwood council support .... Spurt Mead ... You say - We Say

The activity of a Selwood Housing director taking part in the Spurt Mead Bishopstrow and River Wylye 'planning' scandal by casting a vote that won the day for media personality Kevin McCloud and his 'happiness'' daytime TV HAB housing development company against very strong planning objections

We Agree - Will the MP and the government Minster responsible for planning?

Wednesday - Spurt Mead ... The now well maligned Trowbridge based Western area planning committee that gave the hugely conditional thumbs-up to an 'outline' for a water meadow by the River Wylye sees widespread action. The MP Andrew Murrison is involved. Hot topic about how you can take part will follow on Wednesday.

TUESDAY 1ST JULY - Electors get the chance to vote ... 'Tree-hugger' Stacie Allensby ensured the West Ward count will happen in two ways ... 'Stacie ensured ten on the voter's list asked for it despite assurances that others had done the same'  ... And as a Pound Street resident Stacie is top of the list as an INDEPENDENT candidate living in the ward ... 2013 'defeated East Ward' Tory cadidate put forward to replace unelected Tory after just one year  .... see WIltshire Council website official notice

£15k Microphones 'You say - We say' comment

Sunday - Is the Spurt Mead planning decision becoming a scandal? A lot to think about is revealed daily. Letters to the Editor of the Warminster Journal alongside 'fouling' letter in Hot Topics. More to follow

Saturday - 'It never rains but it pours yet the roads are awash with water in Warminster' ... Cllr. Paul Macdonald. 'Local people are fed up with telling me about this and nothing happens' ... 'A billion pound business boast' hot topic to follow.

 mile 001Friday - Stacie THE INDEPENDENT voice and Independents choice for the West Ward vote who rallied to the cause with her support of a peaceful tree-hugging protest. 'Good choice' says John 

Also Hot Snippets ... Portway flooding ... Gullies 'Rain Check' ... Two-hats Humphries 'Humph'  challenge from Cllr Paul Macdonald.

bad girls 001And in the community away from local politics and the council chamber tonight sees the start of a three day run of the musical 'Bad Girls' at the Athenaeum Theatre in the High Street

Wednesday - Town council budget oversubscribed fivefold dilemma  on Monday - or is it? Grants and Projects starts with up in the air £12,200 for WCR to pedestrian £85 for Warminster Walkers ... Hot topic 

green bin 001aTuesday evening - Council cuts or money spinner? Garden waste recycling 'Blues versus Greens' hot topic See our original vision view on green issues HERE .... and  fire service ... town council grants ... shock £15k on councillor mikes hot topics and  hot snippets

Tuesday morning - Warminster Town Council votes by eight to one in favour of working towards a joint dog warden service with Westbury proposed by Paul Macdonald and seconded by Pip Ridout. The surprise is who voted against. See Hot topic

Monday 23rd June - Warminster Town Council meeting tonight will decide whether the they should be one of two towns working together to tackle the dog fouling problems they both experience

Sunday - Will the Spurt Mead versus TV personailty Kevin McCloud challenged by the MP Andrew Murrison amongst scores of others River Wylye SSSI planning decision go to judicial review? hot topic

Saturday - Warminster West ward town council by-election

Thursday - In hot topics why are 'My Wiltshire' blocked gullies with so many other problems taking so long to be cleared? 

Wednesday Latest - Formal complaint has been sent to the 'Head of Governance' at Wiltshire Council about the 'possibly criminal' River Wylye planning decision.

Tuesday morning - In hot topics 'Will council house renaissance come to Warminster?'  .... 'Fouling initiative goes forward' .... In by-election news nomination update

Monday 16th June - Inappropriate land at Grovelands Way is now once again the target of developers .... so what is new .... who will stand up for Warminster West?

Sunday - Build on a 'SSSI' water meadow on the River Wylye votes 'Yes' a £3,000 a year Director of a Housing Association as a Wiltshire Councillor on the planning committee. The same 'affordable housing provider that has been working with the applicant'. 

Saturday - 'Planning chaos now ensues' says Cllr. Paul Macdonald. 'The reaction to the decision about Spurt Mead demands the MP to intervene on behalf of the town and the River Wylye and his constituency'. In Hot topics now

Friday SOME thoughts on the Boreham application by Steve Dancey HERE

There is going to be a by-election for the Warminster West Ward . Would you like to take an interest and take part? More follows


Thursday Residents, ward councillor Steve Dancey, committee chairman, the MP, and a host of organisations ignored by planning councillors including one from Warminster and one a leading member of a housing association mentioned in the planning report as HAB 'schmooze' wins latest battle at Spurt Mead 

Wednesday Shockingly shameful weak what ifs, maybes, and possibilities win out by one (Warminster) vote over solid planning reasons from Councillor Christopher Newbury to turn down the building on Spurt Mead and late plea from MP Andrew Murrison.

mile 004Many residents could not get there because of its timing - 3pm - Those that did included well respected independent minded residents

Tuesday LATEST - Spurt Mead - Cllr Steve Dancey unable to speak as all slots have been taken up. Tree-hugging protester Cllr. Paul Macdonald believes that the committee should suspend standing orders to allow Steve to speak on behalf of the ward councillors. Read what he wants to say Click HERE

West Ward's first town council election in seven years will be on Thursday 24th July. See this and more in hot topics/snippets 

Toxocaeria signTuesday - You tread in it and it is a threat to our children - dog fouling - Councillor calls for action - read the hot topic now

Monday 9th June - Thought provoking 'Goodbye Chalk Streams?' video featuring Prunella Scales of Fawlty Towers fame by Leo Aylen is on You Tube.  Hot topics highlight the link and right click. 'Please take a look!,' says Paul Macdonald. Spurt Mead e-petition passes 250 signatures. Will it get 500?

Sunday - Steve Dancey will speak out at Wiltshire Council planning meeting on Wednesday. Locals are urged to be there. e-petition passes 200 signatures today.

Saturday - An e-petition at www.gopetition.com/petitions/stop-the-development-of-spurt-mead-warminster.html gains nearly 200 signatures from Warminster residents and former residents in just over 24 hours

Tuesday - WC's Trowbridge 'nutters' strike again as whimpering planners recommend to develop Boreham Crossroads (Spurt Mead) site against massive objections. click HERE

June 6th D-Day Warminster - Democracy Day deadline to request a by-election in the West Ward and to submit comments about the Spurt Mead planning application.

Mon 2nd June - The 'nutters' who took over the 'all that mutters' at Wiltshire Council have allowed Wetherspoon tables on the Market Place pavement. What a disaster - we are now paying a high price for the out of touch unitary council. 

Fri 23rd - Wetherspoon - vfw kept waiting for breakfast CLICK HERE

Weds 14th May - By-election looms as Steve Welling resigns - see hot topics.

25th April - Redrow give up on one of their planning applications. They are not appealing the refusal at Dorothy Walk. (See below)

Tree Hug Dot 001aRedrow housing plan for the Minster Church and Dorothy Walk 'Church Street/Bath Road' has been refused by Wiltshire council planners. For their reasons CLICK HERE
8th March Three town councillors agree to act on litter and dog fouling. Notice of Motion will be delivered.
IMG_00067th March Downpour pothole risks local councillor. Coroner judged that a charity 'Land's End' cyclist was killed by a pothole in Yorkshire. This is East Street in Warminster.
6th March Local resident who remembers the scout bonfires on the land at Spurt Field also recalls being told that it was a 'burial ground'.
Tree Hug 0015th March  Councillor hopes that tree-hugging campaign will be an inspiration to others to join him in his next campaign. The residents who know their patch at the top of Broadway.
4th March Traffic Regulation Order now in place for one problem area in Warminster. Now is time for more urgent action
3rd March  Drop-in centre money for the poor and needy agreed by the town council
2nd March Warminster Foodbank support reaches 900 children in under a year.
Saturday 1st March The new name for the business venture that is breathing yet more life into the Town Hall  is the 'Boston Shaker'.  

28th Friday More good 'shaking' news about the town hall to follow this weekend 

27th Thursday Youth community given a £250,000 county council boost - 'or has it?' hot topic commentary
26th Wednesday Mayor's charity of the year Warminster Foodbank hot topic
Toxocaeria sign25th Tuesday In hot snippets .... dog fouling.... parking problems .... planning 'outrage'
Monday 24th February Tree-hugging this weekend saw Cllr. Paul Macdonald at this fine example of those trees most at risk in Warminster as his peaceful response to local requests continues ... And locals still tell him how pleased they are after attending the opening of the 'grand old lady' Town Hall this weekend. 

23rd February 'I was there! I witnessed the Town Hall come to life again!' Cllr. Paul Macdonald. 'Today I hear so many encouraging comments.'  Special feature will appear this week.

22nd February   Today at 9.30am the public were waiting outside as 'civic pride' is restored to the centre of Warminster in what may go down as a historic moment. Treasured by so many the Town Hall given to the people by Lord Bath's family all those years ago is coming to life again thanks to Sarah-Jayne and Stacey in the aptly named 'Town Treasures'.

22nd February The public turned up in their droves to support these local entrepreneurs at the opening of Town Treasures in the Town Hall. It took hours for space to appear to take this photograph!
21st February Plans to build too many houses in the wrong places continues to dominate the local agenda - 'Cuckoo tones' latest in You say - We say'
20th February This month in Warminster ... the MP ... town councillors ... the town clerk ... the Civic Trust ... emerging uniting communities ... respected independent individuals ... are all now involved in the same debate. Should someone ask why?

19th February 'Is it right for big fat rich cats to descend on Warminster as a soft touch?' comment as a TV personality's 'happiness' HAB company arrives in town next Tuesday. HPH plans for a water meadow also arrives with a mortgage lender.  'Arrogance' hot topic follows after we  seek the views of the community.

Monday 18th February 2014 The town council has received so many approaches from residents about the latest Redrow Homes plan that it has taken the unusual step of issuing an official statement. And  today there is another twist in the Spurt Mead saga.  'I feel another demonstration coming on' says Steve Dancey.
17th February 2014  'Why do you bother caring about Warminster?'  We have always had a care for and about Warminster. Yesterday reinforced by our chats with local residents and new comments in You Say - We Say'
16th February Symbolic peaceful tree-hugging' protest against the build anywhere presumption from the government could now wake up the 'silent majority' in Warminster. Where should be next?

Crossing safety issues Sunday snippets

15th February 2014 Local MP 'unprecedented soggy'' words hot topic sees real interest not only locally but nationally on our website.' A candle in the wind' almost spiritual protest (pictured above) is the latest community action to attract the praise of the normally silent majority in Warminster.
14th February 2014 'Controversial link to good causes'  to councillor allowances scandal at county hall - hot topic

13th February 2014  LOCAL Tory Councillor with special responsibilities at County Hall takes a back dated twenty-two per cent increase in allowances and then gives it away to charities. 

Stacie 001aWILTSHIRE TIMES sends a photographer  to record the moment when a resident leads the second tree hug. Published on Friday 7th February 2014

Hot topics .... 'A man cannot walk forward if he tramples on his past with the same foot'. Stacie (our pic) speaks out in support of the unanimous view of  local councillors and the residents.

'Mega- loan now mega-moan'  town council tally card has reached 200 about Spurt Mead water meadow.

mile 004a4th February 2014 Campaigners returned to the 99-year-old LImes and much older milestone in Boreham Road on Tuesday 4th February joined by three new tree huggers at 11am.  The 'tally card' (see below) has now reached 150.

Hot Topics ... 'Paul's sound reasons for refusal' at Spurt Mead and Nick Parker 'fairness' challenge can now be read ... further comments in 'You Say - We Say'

30th January 2014 READ Cllr Dancey's letter of objection to the Boreham housing plans HERE

29th January 2014 Warminster's four widely criticised 'Chocolate Teapot Politicians' used their advisory role to support the extremely unpopular development of the Boreham water meadow . It was against the unanimous view of the local ward councillors. It is now with Wiltshire Council. So are over 40 expressions of local opinion. Another deadline will emerge as the community campaign continues on the street.

28th January 2014 A tally card of the number of times a local councillor stopped to hear complaints and a justification for the town council changing its mind on voting against houses on the banks of the River Wylye has reached one hundred in two weeks. The 'Mega-loan' town council is now the 'Mega-moan' council.

25th January 2014 'Tie a lime green ribbon round the old lime tree' campaign suggested by locals  after the tree-hugging trio 'Gand Design team' of Lou, Paul and Stace campaign (read below). Now to carry on into next week. 

Tree Hugging 001Will a TV personality and a landowner listen to residents and obey planning policies?

24th January 2014 Pictured are Boreham councillor Paul Macdonald (right) joined by residents Lou and Stacie from other parts of the town, and then Alasdair, with their very local eye-witness accounts of local concerns about planning ignorance and flooding. 

17th January 2014 The first 'TV personality' planning application by 'Grand Designs' Kevin McCloud in the county to build on a plot of land between Bishopstrow and Boreham has the locals up in arms. 

See also 'You Say - We Say' ... Broadway voter now concerned about councillor responses to planning applications in that part of the town.

14th January 2014 Holdaway family good name at risk in Boreham and Warminster as a result of hasty application while core strategy remains unadopted. CLICK HERE

Councillors Macdonald and Dombkowski responded to the huge public outcry received about the 'Happiness Architecture and Beauty' approach to building on a 'sacrosanct' Boreham meadow by a TV celebrity, Kevin McCloud, who got the Queen's MBE this month ... Another good name at risk ... see hot topic  

See www.dannyhowell.net for local reaction.

Wiltshire Council and Planning Inspector still agree in their core strategy deliberations. We, the town of Warminster, are still a priority for employment. Town council confusion has arrived again. Shop jobs by building more houses. VFW argues that more employed workers that then shop in the town is the answer.

1st January 2014 In the spring of 2008 a chance meeting saw a convivial conversation lead to two Warminster residents with concerns about the future of their home town launch this website hoping to influence in some small way its future. A lot has happened since then. This is a random selection of images that have appeared. Have fun trying to find out why they were published?

Read CLLR Steve Dancey's objection to the Redrow Development 'contiguous'  with the Minster Church and Dorothy Walk. Click  HERE 

nicklinTory town council says let us all work together with the new voice of public opinion and then bring back their leader at a meeting on an October Monday night ....  UNELECTED BACK ON THE TOWN COUNCIL AS A CO-OPTED MEMBER despite his rejection by the electorate ignored and now ignored doubly by his party members on the council. A case of the unelected in full support of the unelectable as Tony's Cronies vote him back into a position of influence.   CLICK HERE'

NEW  Warminster bus service ups charges by 85 per cent overnight. See HERE

Most viewed topic this year ....'Boreham Crossroads NDO - R.I.P. Thanks to Steve Dancey and Paul Macdonald' - extensive commentary - http://www.dannyhowell.net/2013/06/boreham-crossroads-ndo-rip-thanks-to.html See TALES FROM THE RIVER BANK HERE

 And  even earlier this year....MP BACKS TOWN HALL BID - Town Council should react with his words 'echoing in their ears' - Click Here

Housing ... Housing ... Housing ...  Top down & so much for localism'  Click here  


visionforwarminster.co.uk  Independent candidates overwhelmingly endorsed on Thursday 2nd May 2013. ELECTION SUCCESS - Paul Macdonald, Nick Dombkowski and Steve Dancey all ELECTED in Warminster East. Jamie Cullen ELECTED in Broadway ward  Town Council outrageous double-page spread in the Warminster Journal - CLICK HERE 
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