vfw Logo Fun 001www.visionforwarminster.co.uk VISION for WARMINSTER will reach even further into the town as we will shortly have a paper edition. It will reach the whole town with your support. For some time we have been concerned that our ideas listening to you fail to reach members of our community who do not have access to the internet.

breaking news Press release from Warminster Town Council. 'The Garrison' on Monday and Tuesday is an added venue in the onward but is it upward or downward march of the Localism Act and its offspring the Neighbourhood plan in Warminster? Other unpublished venues to follow as they appear.

Hot snippets updated ... RUH Hopper petition ... Inspector goes police cadets next ... Town council to tackle dog fouling ... New welcome to visitors to Warminster ... And Mayoral outburst against Cllr. Paul Maccdonald

Town future - Who pays for it? hot topic

HERE It is in black and white. No council 'pot of money for Warminster campus'. Developers' cash from a town centre 'regeneration project' is the way forward for a 'Shadow' group.

20 March - DUAL- PRONGED threat to town's hospital?  HERE

Can the last officer to leave Warminster police station please extinguish the blue light CLICK HERE

Neighbourhood Plan process criticised - in 'You Say - We Say' - Another idea fails out of favour with a town councillor - 'Sacrilege' says Nick Dombkowski (Ind) in Neighbourhood plan revealed above

fairfield fiasco 002Free parking continues to disappear into the annals of history as Wiltshire Council looks to off-load its problem un-profitable car parks including the ludicrous meter at Fairfield Road.

'Paltry pennies off for the first hour in one car park so far and no further progress.' says outspoken Independent Cllr. Paul Macdonald. 'Usual report from consultation leading us to the answers they wanted but is there a sting in the tail?'

hoood plan street 00117 March - Now in public sight. Council approves the next steps without any debate of its contents including this new road. Click on 'Neighbourhood Plan Revealed' above for the first ... or visit council offices to see it at the consultation launch at 4pm on Thursday 


9 March - Read the VFW letter The Warminster Journal refused to print. It concerns the neighbourhood plan. CLICK HERE

9 March - VFW letter in Wiltshire Times highlighted double standards from Wiltshire Council's section 215 order policy. CLICK HERE

paul 001aNEIGHBOURHOOD plan kept under wraps until very last minute. Too embarrassing? .... CLICK HERE

3 March AMATEUR planners' threat to demolish library and tranquility of The Avenue ... ... and if that was not enough .... broke and impotent Wilts Council 'High Street Scaffold' eyesore ... leaflet ready

LEGAL Action looms large over Spurt Mead. Click HERE


GENERAL ELECTION coming to Warminster. Churches Together will stage a public election meeting at Christchurch on Weds 8 April. The hustings will be chaired by the suffragan Bishop of Ramsbury Rt Rev Ed Condry.

bell crown4  Feb - The owners of Warminster's Fox and Hounds have bought the Bell and Crown and plans to re-open the pub in a couple of months. More soon

4  Feb - Wiltshire Council gives go-ahead for Gipsy Lane 'social' housing scheme.

9 Jan - Neighbourhood plan claptrap emerges on the front page of the Warminster Journal - we mentioned their barmy road scheme in November CLICK HERE

25 Jan - Steve presses MP to help town's poorest 10 per cent. CLICK HERE

23 Jan - Spurt Mead applicants gain outline planning permission from Wiltshire Council. Shame on the 'Spurt Mead FIVE' CLICK HERE


18  Jan - Warminster Town Council voted 'in principle' to take on ownership of the park.

5 Jan 2015 - GIPSY LANE DEVELOPMENT recommended for approval by county's myopic planning department CLICK HERE

9 Dec - Warminster's DSG sold to Babcock for £140m short term gain but long term pain. CLICK HERE 


11 December. Town resident Michael Heaton has launched an online petition asking for action to be taken on the High Street Scaffolding. To sign CLICK HERE


 Pictured above - Warminster's town hall hill in Edwardian times. All buildings in good repair!

10 December. Market Place upgrade 5 years on - road too dangerous so cyclists use the pavement. CLICK HERE

8 December. Town councillors oppose homes plan off Grovelands Way. CLICK HERE

SHOPPING Mall owners may want to close part of town centre at night CLICK HERE

WEDS 26 Nov .. Wiltshire Council can't or won't do anything about the scaffolding in the High Street. CLICK HERE

 . DSG to be sold off to Babcock in crazy short-termist move that will prove costly in the long term and may threaten soldiers' safety. CLICK HERE

Much more this Wednesday .... Near £1 million request from a Warminster 'Trust'  hot topic.

.... And on what appeared to be a very quiet interlude during the proceedings at the Warminster Town Council meeting the draft budget 'increase of 1.3 per cent' introduced by the town clerk at the behest of the Mayor Cllr. Andrew Davis heard almost nothing from town councillors.

And another Insight about the Monday night 'town council shambles' .... Councillors turn their backs on their electorate .... Cllr Steve Dancey ignores criticism to make a point (See hot topics)

TONIGHT Monday 17 Unreasonable Conservative led councillors unite as a group to exclude your independents from a meeting in which they have a material interest as ward councillors. CLICK HERE

Waking up on Tuesday to what happened on Monday 17th  voting'Blocked Gullies Debate' blocked by cabinet member 'Yes Minister Style' with a little used procedural move after having delivered his crafted reply 'rubbishing' several times Cllr. Paul 'Batchelor' meaning to say 'Macdonald' .... other 'sympathetic' councillors denied the right to speak .... more about this .... and more revealing insights will follow

TREVOR Carbin selected as Lib-Dem candidate for 2015 election in S W Wilts (See hot topics)

Sunday's Post .... IS there a back-door attempt to change the recent council decision taken on settlement boundaries

Conservative town councillor Rob Fryer has requested that the town council meeting on Monday reviews the position of the neighbourhood plan working group (NPWG) in the light of that decision. Some draft NPWG papers released as part of the council agenda are only sent to councillors accompanied by the instruction they are not for copying! Whatever next? We do know the rules. Read more HERE

Sunday 16th November  ... At a full town council meeting tomorrow should councillors  show 'good-neighbourliness' to the tiny parish of Bishopstrow .... who should be in the 'pecking order' for a new fund of cash ....  the 'vote of no confidence in Wiltshire Council' resolution .... as the councillors also deal with a complaint against a 'dual-hatted' councillor .... and look at their budget for next year .... and if that was not enough irrespnsible dog owners and the WW1 'Gold Project' .... the future for youth services in the town .... and  taking the town park off of the hands of the Wiltshire Council .... 'We invite you to have your three minutes say' say Independent Councillors Nick Dombkowski, Paul Macdonald and Steve Dancey.

Tuesday 11th Wiltshire Council parking review will do nothing to restore Warminster town centre's vitality and viability or solve residents' parking problems, says cllr Steve Dancey Click HERE

CO-OP plans to transform Victoria Road eyesore with new shops. ClICK HERE

Monday 10th Selwood again 'respectfully' asked to go back to the drawing board over plans to build at Fairview against unanimous local opinion .... Bungalows are the answer say Councillors Macdonald, Dancey and Dombkowski .... Galvanised hot topic

Sunday 9th Claims that a 'Warminster Disaster' faces the River Wylye are growing. 'Where is the Environment Agency when it is most needed' appeal letter being prepared by 'tree-hugging' campaigners

Last week .... Friday 7th A very high flooding risk which could easily be alleviated by gully emptying still suffering from lack of action. A Warminster town councillor has lodged  a motion of 'no confidence'  about Wiltshire Council. See Hot topics

Thursday 6th Cllr Nick Dombkowski wants a new set of safer bins for children's play areas ... more follows on Saturday 22nd November after he reports his findings

Wednesday 5th Exclusive Planning application for the empty car dealership site at Victoria Road has been submitted by Co-op. Scheme includes retail and dwelling units. Steve Dancey reveals more on Tuesday

MORE Breaking News- Warminster's East Street Esso Garage ( sometimes known as Wall's Garage) to be closed for three months for refit.

And More .... Comment about councillor expenses in 'You Say - We say'

Rem Day Ser 14 001Rem Day Ser 14 003aSunday 2nd November .... The Warminster 'Centenary Remembrance Day Service' at the War Memorial in the Portway next Sunday will not be supported by the military with a marching band at 3pm. Salisbury Royal British Legion steps in. Is it time to hold our service at 11am in future? Hot topic  (and hot topic below)

Friday October 31st .... Wiltshire Councillor allowance latest update ... Cllr. Christopher Newbury remunerated £25,166.36, Dual-hatted (town and unitary) councillors Andrew Davis rewarded with £19,246.13  and hard working ward member Cllr. Pip Ridout gets £16,900.69p.

KIPPERS come home to roost! UKIP unveils candidate to face Andrew Murrison in May 2015's General Election. Click HERE

We will leave these images to reflect the marvellous effort that is made by Warminster during the Carnival season. Please look below as well.


28th October ....  Information published on the Wiltshire Council website shows that Cllr. Fleur-de-Rhe Philipe allowances 'Grand Total' was £30,565.32p and Cllr. Keith Humphries were £33,201.57p for 2013-14

27th October  ....  Two area board councillors now bank in excess of £30,000 each year .... 23rd October  .... Whopping £50,000 increase in our local unitary (all Tory) councillor income finally revealed for 2013-14.

visionforwarminster.co.uk first headlined the issue in Councillor Allowances 2011 (menu left).

steve9/1119 October Steve ends his long career in journalism with a party Click HERE

17 & 18 Oct ... 1914 - 2014 shock news. Army band to lead the Remembrance Day parade will be missing ... 'Oh what !!' says one 20-year-old who has marched as a 'beaver, cub and scout' behind the band .... Local councillor is talking to locals .... hot topic HERE

Wednesday 15 Oct - 'Stand United' Rallying Call Hot topics are appearing Click HERE 


Councillors Steve Dancey, Paul Macdonald, Nick Dombowski, and Andrew Davis, after the huge public turnout supported by the words of Cllr. Sue Fraser recommended that a settlement boundary must now be as tightly drawn around the town as possible and will see Home Farm, Spurt Mead, the town park, football ground and Tynings outside the 'limits of development'.

The Western Urban Expansion will also have a significant buffer between it and the bypass put through against opposition again led by Cllr. Pip Ridout supported by 'Independent' Cllr. Cullen and a brace of others.  Steve's thoughts on the meeting HERE

Tuesday 7 October - PIGEON Problem.... pigeons have reared their ugly heads again and have been causing chatter at the town council's town development committee. Is there a mystery 'pigeon feeder' ? CLICK HERE

Wednesday 17 September .... WILTSHIRE COUNCIL WHITEWASH - Unitary council will take no action over Spurt Mead Outrage unless the public state they are wrong. No sign of the 'let it rip' housing policy around Warminster ending until after the General Election?  CLICK HERE 

COALITION GOVERNMENT to push on with sale of Warminster's skilled workforce as DSG is going for a song in a panic privatisation. CLICK HERE

14th August - Town councillor finds drugs during town centre litter-pick ... CLICK HERE.

Monday 28th 'A 'Fair View' Gypsy Lane decision at a packed council meeting is 'one of the best that I have seen for years' says Cllr. Paul Macdonald. 'Well-argued public comment from both sides.' Refusal vote. CLICK HERE Now it goes to Wilts Council

Saturday - 'It never rains but it pours yet the roads are awash with water in Warminster' ... Cllr. Paul Macdonald. 'Local people are fed up with telling me about this and nothing happens' ... 'A billion pound business boast' hot topic to follow.

 Friday - Hot Snippets ... Portway flooding ... Gullies 'Rain Check' ... Two-hats Humphries 'Humph'  challenge from Cllr Paul Macdonald.

 Council cuts or money spinner? Garden waste recycling 'Blues versus Greens' hot topic See our original vision view on green issues HERE 

 SOME thoughts on the Boreham application by Steve Dancey HERE

Thursday Residents, ward councillor Steve Dancey, committee chairman, the MP, and a host of organisations ignored by planning councillors including one from Warminster and one a leading member of a housing association mentioned in the planning report as HAB 'schmooze' wins latest battle at Spurt Mead 

LATEST - Spurt Mead - Cllr Steve Dancey unable to speak as all slots have been taken up. Tree-hugging protester Cllr. Paul Macdonald believes that the committee should suspend standing orders to allow Steve to speak on behalf of the ward councillors. Read what he wants to say Click HERE

An e-petition at www.gopetition.com/petitions/stop-the-development-of-spurt-mead-warminster.html gains nearly 200 signatures from Warminster residents and former residents in just over 24 hours

Weds 14th May - By-election looms as Steve Welling resigns - see hot topics.

25th April - Redrow give up on one of their planning applications. They are not appealing the refusal at Dorothy Walk. (See below)

Tree Hug Dot 001aRedrow housing plan for the Minster Church and Dorothy Walk 'Church Street/Bath Road' has been refused by Wiltshire council planners. For their reasons CLICK HERE

22nd February   Today at 9.30am the public were waiting outside as 'civic pride' is restored to the centre of Warminster in what may go down as a historic moment. Treasured by so many the Town Hall given to the people by Lord Bath's family all those years ago is coming to life again thanks to Sarah-Jayne and Stacey in the aptly named 'Town Treasures'.

30th January 2014 READ Cllr Dancey's letter of objection to the Boreham housing plans HERE

29th January 2014 Warminster's four widely criticised 'Chocolate Teapot Politicians' used their advisory role to support the extremely unpopular development of the Boreham water meadow . It was against the unanimous view of the local ward councillors. It is now with Wiltshire Council. So are over 40 expressions of local opinion. Another deadline will emerge as the community campaign continues on the street.

Will a TV personality and a landowner listen to residents and obey planning policies?

14th January 2014 Holdaway family good name at risk in Boreham and Warminster as a result of hasty application while core strategy remains unadopted. CLICK HERE

Councillors Macdonald and Dombkowski responded to the huge public outcry received about the 'Happiness Architecture and Beauty' approach to building on a 'sacrosanct' Boreham meadow by a TV celebrity, Kevin McCloud, who got the Queen's MBE this month ... Another good name at risk ... see hot topic  

See www.dannyhowell.net for local reaction.

Wiltshire Council and Planning Inspector still agree in their core strategy deliberations. We, the town of Warminster, are still a priority for employment. Town council confusion has arrived again. Shop jobs by building more houses. VFW argues that more employed workers that then shop in the town is the answer.

Read CLLR Steve Dancey's objection to the Redrow Development 'contiguous'  with the Minster Church and Dorothy Walk. Click  HERE 

Tory town council says let us all work together with the new voice of public opinion and then bring back their leader at a meeting on an October Monday night ....  UNELECTED BACK ON THE TOWN COUNCIL AS A CO-OPTED MEMBER despite his rejection by the electorate ignored and now ignored doubly by his party members on the council. A case of the unelected in full support of the unelectable as Tony's Cronies vote him back into a position of influence.   CLICK HERE'

NEW  Warminster bus service ups charges by 85 per cent overnight. See HERE

Most viewed topic this year ....'Boreham Crossroads NDO - R.I.P. Thanks to Steve Dancey and Paul Macdonald' - extensive commentary - http://www.dannyhowell.net/2013/06/boreham-crossroads-ndo-rip-thanks-to.html See TALES FROM THE RIVER BANK HERE

 And  even earlier this year....MP BACKS TOWN HALL BID - Town Council should react with his words 'echoing in their ears' - Click Here

Housing ... Housing ... Housing ...  Top down & so much for localism'  Click here  


visionforwarminster.co.uk  Independent candidates overwhelmingly endorsed on Thursday 2nd May 2013. ELECTION SUCCESS - Paul Macdonald, Nick Dombkowski and Steve Dancey all ELECTED in Warminster East. Jamie Cullen ELECTED in Broadway ward  Town Council outrageous double-page spread in the Warminster Journal - CLICK HERE 

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