Local Elections 2017

The 2017 local council elections now take centre stage for many aspiring councillors after the Easter holidays. Something unique happened in Warminster in local politics. Community activists stood as Independents challenging party political candidates for town council seats.

The shock waves to local elections began with Batchelor, Dancey and Macdonald opposing the dominance of the Conservative Party. Then it moved on to be Batchelor, Cullen, Dancey, Dombkowski and Macdonald standing four years ago.

All five were elected unseating Conservative stalwarts including the former Mayor Nicklin who ignored the parish poll 'mega-loan' vote about the Assembly Rooms costing the town a near seven-figure sum refurbishment.

This challenge has now doubled with Allensby, Batchelor, Creese, Cullen, Dancey, Dombkowski, Macdonald, Medlicott,  Mellersh and Perkins seeking support as Independent candidates.

'Where everybody matters' is the Wiltshire Council strapline. Where Warminster electors could make another difference and make sure everybody matters.

Stacie Allensby, Paul Batchelor and Paul Macdonald are standing for this council facing more party political candidates alongside the establishment Conservatives.

Independents for Warminster will make a big difference.