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Council 'Put Your House in Order' Call

(April 27, 2021)

Warminster Town Council held an extraordinary full council virtual meeting last Thursday which has led to a call for them to 'put their house in order'.

"I have watched this and am I very concerned about some of the issues it raises about how the meetings are veing conducted," said former councillor Paul Macdonald.

"I have written letters to two local newspapers laying out my concerns so that residents can take a look themselves."

Paul wrote: 'Dear Editor

The town council really needs to get its house in order as anyone will be able to see if they go onto their website.
By clicking on 'Town Council' then 'Meetings Diary' then go down to 22nd April 2021 and press 'here' town councillors can be watched.
It was an urgent meeting to spend our money. Two lots of £10,000. One for the town theatre.
Councillor Tony Nicklin as Chairman of the Athenaeum Trust declared an interest but did not leave the virtual meeting as in my view with many years experience should have done so.
He then compounded this by speaking about it.

This meeting also stopped a councillor who wanted the chance to read out the views of the well respected and knowledgeable former librarian Nicola Harris.
Her concerns were about the town council resurrecting a project that involves buying the police station.
Importantly to her it also threatens the future of the Library service and the Cornerstone 'Princess Anne' building nearby'
Not heard when Cllr. Nicklin stepped in demanding that Chairman Robbins stop her words being read out.

There is a public participation part on the agenda where standing orders are suspended and do not apply.
My view is that this meant that a councillor can read out the words of a resident from the ward they represent and this has been allowed in the past.
Shame on the town council for the way they behaved ignoring the public again. Who remembers them ignoring the 'mega-loan' referendum vote?'

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