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Return of city council for Salisbury

(October 23, 2008)

mcdIN what could be a real boost to local communities currently fearing the development of a big remote Wiltshire Council next year it has been revealed that Salisbury is to have 'city council' status under the new plans - if Wiltshire’s implementation executive rubber stamps the proposal.

"As an old-fashioned Liberal my knee-jerk reaction to the proposed amalgamation of all our local councils last year was one of dismay. I feared people living in communities nothing like ours would be taking the decisions," said former Warminster councillor Paul Macdonald.

"What is encouraging is that for the first time in 34 years in Salisbury many duties will once again be returned to the lowest practicable level."

The former deputy mayor of Warminster during his term of office championed the role of the town council pointing out that although they had few duties they had plenty of powers.

"Local councillors with a real say is the way forward for places like Warminster as well," claims Mr. Macdonald. "We did the best to use our powers but were constrained by the lack of finance."

"This sounds like Salisbury is going to be a properly resourced set-up.

"This is the latest positive development for local democracy following the creation of the area board system as the model for taking decisions and should be applauded."

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