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Next area board meeting

(January 02, 2009)

THE second meeting of the Warminster Area Board (WAB) will take place on Tuesday 13 January starting at 6.30pm.

This time the venue for the gathering will be the Sure Start Centre, which can be found on the Avenue School campus.

Councillor Andrew Davis was chosen as chairman of the WAB at the inaugural meeting of the pilot board on 27 November.

The first meeting attracted around 60 people - though there was a disproportionate number of patrician types, especially those drawn from villages while ordinary Warminster people and those aged under 55 seemed to be under-represented.

One of the positive things at that meeting was the lack of unduly restrictive standing orders which in other arenas, such as the town council, limit the ability of members of the public to air their concerns at meetings.

“Unfortunately neither Paul or myself is available to attend on 13 January because of long-standing work commitments, which is unfortunate,“ said former county councillor Steve Dancey.

“I would urge Warminster people to attend this meeting to see the shape of things to come and to help ensure that our voice is heard.”

Any feedback about the meeting would be particularly welcome.

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