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Taking a shower along Fairfield Road UPDATE

(February 13, 2009)
UPDATE: Town councillors have been informed that the problem is due to an illegal connection from a foul sewer into a storm water collection drain.
Highways have been trying to find where the source comes from'. 
 In the meantime. it will cleaned out.
PEDESTRIANS and cyclists still face a drenching every time there is heavy rain along a major route into Warminster town centre, writes Paul Macdonald.
"I have nearly hurt myself trying to jump out of the way," said one angry resident on his way along Fairfield Road to buy the Sunday paper.
"How is that the new shops of Argos and so on can be built and they not sort out at the same time the problem of the huge lake that appears every week .
"I don't blame the motorists who mostly do try to slow down but even at the slowest speed it still sends a wave onto the pavement when it is really bad."
Fairfield Road has long been associated with this problem. Some years ago a motorist was actually convicted of a driving offence for drenching someone from head to foot.
Locals know that the problem has shifted from the Dents side of the road to the other side but unsuspecting users of that side of the road regularly get soaked.
Warminster experienced a particularly noisy night as high winds kept one pensioner awake as her chimney whistled all night and some thought there must have been hailstones after hearing the sound of something rattling the windows
The bad weather also brought a power cut to parts of East Street and nearby properties and with it an unusual problem.
The residents of Yard Court, described by a local estate agent as 'an exclusive development of only 6 properties accessed by a secure electronically gated entrance' saw its uniqueness have a flip-side.
One resident described the power cut as meaning that the gates would not open meaning that they could not get out.

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