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Ambulances delayed at town centre traffic lights

(January 24, 2009)

HUNDREDS of people are moaning about the road works in the centre of Warminster but the emergency services must be finding them a real pain and cursing them.

During busy periods traffic is backed up at the lights preventing ambulances from making their way in an emergency.

It means that any ambulance heading for the western or southern part of the town is delayed by at least a minute because traffic stopped at the lights cannot pull out of the way.

As we all know getting treated in time is vital in most cases of heart attack and these delays could have serious consequences for some people.

“I was in the town centre twice today (Saturday) and on both occasions an ambulance was delayed for about a minute at the lights (at 10.40am and at around 3.15pm),” said Steve Dancey.

“We all know that these road works are killing the town centre business and driving shoppers into Morrisons’ car park or out of town, but they could have even more serious consequences for some poor souls in need of emergency help.

“I really hope that it will soon be possible to run two-way traffic through the area.”

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