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Youngsters tread the (area) boards ..(with picture)

(February 24, 2009)
'THINGS that go bump in the night' was the first item on the agenda of the latest meeting of the pilot Wiltshire Council area board meeting held at Kingdown School, writes Paul Macdonald.
Four dancers from the town youth centre backed up by boardtechnical whizz-kids running the sound system performed their own routine to the pop song performed before councillors.
Warminster's newest youth organisation, baton twirling Pink Starlettes, then continued the more active part of the theme of youth, before others were handed the microphone to promote their organisation.
Alex Carver, a day sixth former at Warminster School, told councillors that the town needed a cinema or bowling alley that would be expected in other towns.
He told the councillors of the school bar that did not need alcohol within a safe environment for an enjoyable time after an evening out.
A guide leader described how over 200 youngsters enjoy their activities but made a plea. They need more leaders as they have a waiting list of those wishing to join.
Police 'blues and zues', introduced by area board chairman Cllr. Andrew Davis, the college, table tennis club, connexions organisation, local lions club, and WCR also all got their chance at the mike.
He was even given his marching orders by one member of the public to recognise the work of the local army cadet force.
Pictured above are the 'things that go bump in the night' youngsters (back row l-r) Simone Perren, Michael Beagles, Laura Ellison and Nathan Thompson and Charlotte Perren with Shauna Phillips-Newman

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