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Corporate drones dream up £35K library uniforms

(March 04, 2009)
 WILTSHIRE Council is thinking of spending £35,000 on uniforms for library staff.
But do they need them - and is it all about desires to create a corporate image for the WC rather than provide the service we all want?
NEWS that the new Wiltshire Council is thinking of spending £35,000 on uniforms for library staff has gone down like a lead balloon with the public.
I’ve asked a number of people for their opinions without trying to lead their views and they all seem to think it is a crazy idea.
I agree – not only are there other areas which are crying out for spending there is also the question of how such a move would change the public perception of librarians.
Currently librarians have a dusty but dependable, honest and trustworthy image, unlike councillors, and it would be wrong to risk changing this by forcing people into a uniform that they don’t want or need. Mere book monitors.
The move may risk putting some people off the library service as a career, which is a shame.
"I’m old enough to remember the former mayor Alicia Duke behind the desk at the old town library and find it difficult to imagine her in a uniform," said Steve Dancey.
"People need to know who the staff are, agreed, but this can be done by staff wearing badges.
"No the so-called need is driven by corporate identity considerations which dismays me.
"In my experience organisations which are over interested in corporate identity are more concerned in projecting a good image of themselves through glossy brochures, DVDs, shedloads of press releases etc than they are in providing a good service to the public.
"The future Wiltshire Council needs to be judged on whether it in reality provides a good service not simply whether it has, by using the artifice of corporate PR, been able to promote a good image of its activities."

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