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Christopher Newbury to stand in local seat

(April 15, 2009)
ANOTHER experienced civic leader has  declared his intention to stand in a Warminster division as an independent and has described the website as 'useful'.
Experienced councillor Christopher Newbury met with former councillors Steve Dancey and Paul Macdonald who have been putting their ideas on to the internet for comment for more than seven months.
After briefing him on their project he confirmed that he plans to stand for the Wiltshire Council in the new 'Warminster Copheap' division.
He said afterwards "I am trying to understand all the local Warminster issues better, and your web site is helpful". 
"I found the interaction between the three of us to be very useful," said Paul Macdonald.
"It was clear that we would be able to work together without party politics affecting things. We covered a lot of ground in the two hours over a couple of cups of coffee."
Christopher has represented the villages of the Mid Wylye Valley on the district counil since 1995  (as well as being an experienced county councillor representing Westbury).
Boundary changes will now combine his old district ward and the area of Warminster north of the railway line and east of Elm Hill.
He also added that he would like more details before commenting on the future of the town hall which has risen to be a key talking point as a result of the website.
"It's just that for any major project I like to have all possible facts and figures before making my mind up and I'm more sceptical about such things than most people are," he explained
"If I'm elected, I'll be open to persuasion!"

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