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Correction re appeal for help

(May 01, 2009)
This was added on 23 April with the incorrect e-mail contact
VISIONFORWARMINSTERcandidates who are set are to challenge the political elite by standing for election are drawing offers of support from local residents.
Steve Dancey and Paul Macdonald have independently built up a wide choice of options to tackle the problems that beset Warminster on
"I have already received several offers of help and thank you to the first who has already helped me deliver an info leaflet about the bus shelter repair in Boreham Field," said Paul.
"Steve and I will be meeting this weekend to draw up a campaign plan but as Independents our financial resources will be limited.
"We will be looking to a leaflet campaign to reach those not on the internet but we will need help in other ways.
"We will hold a campaign launch but it will not be speeches from a podion but more coffee and conversation.
"It will be a case of watch this space!"
The almost complete indifference to their work by almost all civic leaders including the Tories (who dominate local government) since they launched the website last September was the catalyst.
It also led to their grassroots campaigning this year to go alongside their wider vision of a positive future for the town. A large number of issues that they have highlighted have been addressed.
Those that were ignored saw them take direct action again achieving success.
Paul and Steve have already achieved two successes at the town hall (although others claim credit) which they have made a symbol of their campaign to restore pride to the town.
"Just as our website has been a real innovation so our campaign may well draw on some really traditional campaigning to work along side our use of modern technology." added Paul.
"Another innovation!"
If you would be prepared to help in any way contact [email protected]
(We do not require any financial assistance).
Promoted and published by Steve Dancey of 21 Newport, Warminster, and Paul Macdonald, of 144 Boreham Field, Warminster.

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