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Tories' 'local action' - let's go to printers in Bristol

(May 17, 2009)

CONSERVATIVES have just started to deliver their main election leaflet promising LOCAL action, LOCAL issues - but how about LOCAL PRINTING.

The page making for the publication was carried out in Salisbury while the Tories went off to a printing firm at Bedminster Down in Bristol for what must have been a very large print job.

“It was good of the Tories to go to a staunch Labour area to give them the work,” said Steve Dancey.

“Bedminster Down is at the heart of the Bristol South constituency which was the only seat in southern England to stay loyal to the Labour Party in the election of 1983.

“Wouldn’t it have been better to have given the work to a Wiltshire company?”

As for the content, it talks about the ‘Green Belt’ - more Conservative ignorance as there is no designated green belt in the Warminster area.

‘Green Belt’ is a concept used around large cities to protect surrounding areas from development.

There is green belt around London and some in the Bradford-on-Avon area to protect it from encroachment by Bath.

Bradford-on-Avon is no longer in our constituency.

In Warminster we have a rural buffer - put in thanks to the hard work of Paul Macdonald and John Syme during the early 1990s, added Steve.
Paul Macdonald added: "The 3,000 leaflets I have produced for us so far have all been printed using materials brought locally at the Ink Shop in East Street, Coates & Parker in the Market Place, and Stationery Plus in the Cornmarket.
"Perhaps I  could have bought the materials for the campaign more cheaply on the internet but I did not.
"Our hot topics over the last ten months are littered with stories supporting independent local businesses."

*The actual leaflet is a real dog’s breakfast and looks as if the designer jumped into the colour palette box before getting under way. There is text in no less than seven different colours!!!!!

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