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Political parties are in for quite a shock on 4 June

(May 22, 2009)

A LARGE number of leaflets were delivered in Warminster West this evening and local candidate Steve Dancey says he was amazed by the response.

“Everyone I spoke to was very positive and I was very heartened by people’s attitude when I said I was an Independent candidate,” said Steve..

“I don’t think I have ever encountered such good vibes and it must be something to do with the way the main political parties are now reviled by so many people.

“I think many complacent politicians are in for a big shock on 4 June - hopefully some of them in Warminster.

“We could be well on our way to having an independent controlled area board in Warminster.

“If all 29 independents plus four Devizes Guardians are elected they could be the largest group on Wiltshire Council.”

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