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Eng Dems have a point but miss the big problem

(May 24, 2009)

LOOKING at the glossy material posted through my letter box  by the English Democrats (printed in Essex) it seems at first sight that they are making some reasonable points.

Tam Dalyell the famous Labour MP first highlighted the problem of the West Lothian Question pointing out the democratic deficit England would experience if Scotland and Wales were given devolution.

The English Democrats also talk about the financial injustice of Scots not paying prescription charges, university top-up fees and care home fees.

“They are a one issue group which will tap into the desire for an English parliament but the injustice they highlight is just a flea-bite compared to the real injustice which goes on within England itself,” said Steve Dancey.

“Under formula funding of resources used by the government areas like Wiltshire miss out on many, many tens of millions of funding for health, education, highways etc.

“The money is channelled away from areas like the south west to the north east and big cities with high levels of deprivation.

“Scotland and Wales have tiny populations in comparison with England and it is the injustice in funding which goes on in England itself which is the most crucial to the financial injustice which we suffer in Wiltshire.

“Of course the need may well be greater in different parts of the country and it is correct that some areas need more financial support than others, especially in areas such as health inequality.

“But areas like Wiltshire also have growing areas of concern, such as the rapidly increasing number of very old people who are extremely expensive to care for.

“I’m more concerned about meeting the needs of people in this county and Warminster in particular than expending huge effort demanding an English parliament, which of course would cost millions a year to run

“Don‘t we already have enough problems with Westminster - and goodness knows what goes on in the EU.”

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