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Shoes take a pounding - as do the candidates

(May 28, 2009)
A PAIR of shoes may have given up the ghost but Independent candidate on Thursday 4 June  for the Warminster East division is still putting in an enormous effort alongside Steve Dancey (West) to ensure that nobody misses out.
"It is very important that we get two Independents elected to take our ideas forward," says Paul.
"It is more efficient to share the workload working alongside each other so a pair of shoes is a worthwhile sacrifice for all the walking helping Steve in the West."
"And I will not claim them on expenses!" quipped Paul.
"Working with some help from Steve we are now almost a quarter of the way through the drop of my main election address leaflet since yesterday" explained Paul today.
Paul has been spending half his spare time leafletting and the other half knocking on doors introducing himself after wearing out the leather.
"A lot of the time it has been very positive with most people liking my approach which encourages residents to talk to me rather than me promoting a political party," said Paul.
"I say to them 'if I was your Independent councillor on the doorstep what would your pet subject be' and usually I can point them to an idea that we have for debate as a solution.
"In the last two days I have spoken to nearly two hundred people. Predictably the roadworks, crime and unemployment seem to dominate.
"The first of nearly three dozen residents, a Chelwood court resident, mentioned the state of the town hall.
"But on a positive note many people are aware of our Vision for Warminster approach and are hopeful that we will succeed."
It has not all been straightforward knocking at doors though.
"At six households I was told in no uncertain terms that I was not wanted. One even shook their walking stick at me in anger saying 'you politicians are all the bloody same'," explained Paul.
"I was given such short shrift that I could not get the words out to say that I was an Independent local election candidate before the door was shut."
"Another resident, this time at St. George's Close, told me they would never vote for a politician again and turned down the offer of my leaflet."
"The Prime Minister and party leaders should be made to apologise to local election candidates for putting them through this sort of reception," argued Paul at two more addresses where the householders calmed down enough to listen.
"And as a keen supporter of shopping local I will be popping into Nick's shoe repairs in the Hugh Street to see if they can be saved from the bin."
Steve added: "I've also lost a pair of shoes, there's a week to go and my most comfortable pair (from Lidl) are showing signs of heavy wear.
"But the blisters have gone."

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