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Mammoth task completed - with a little help

(June 01, 2009)
TWO thousand election address leaflets in five days have been delivered to the Warminster East ward by the only non-party political candidate Paul Macdonald with help from fellow Independent Steve Dancey.
"It has been well received as I continue to try to talk to people as well to introduce myself in person," said Paul.
"They seem to like the approach of being asked to consider local issues by a local candidate seeking a local vote at a local election."
The leaflet campaign had a bit of a hitch though. Try as he may Paul could not get into Yard Court but then he was spotted by two residents.
"After an exchange of pleasantries I asked a favour - could they let me know what time they would be home to let me in to deliver my 'most wanted' leaflet?
"They said they wanted to go one better. They would deliver them for me! I was so encouraged. Thank you."
Six leaflets were handed over and Paul then set off for the next few roads remaining.
cardIt is not all electioneering though. Paul has been backing the Wylye Valley Art Trail and today he took a short break to visit Tutti Arts in Chinns Court.
"There was so much of local interest," said Paul. "I will go back when I have more time.
"The greetings cards of scenes from Warminster by North Row's Mike Allardice were the last thing to catch my eye."

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