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(June 09, 2009)
A co-author of has been invited to an interview on the local community radio station on Sunday this week.
WCRpresenter David Cox will be chatting to Paul Macdonald about the website which was launched nine months ago and has attracted thousands of different visitors.
David's Sunday Showcase programme goes on air between 5pm and 7pm.
'And the hits just keep on coming...' was a line made famous by a film and for the co-authors of it could become their catchline.
Steve Dancey and Paul Macdonald are currently catching their breathes after an impressive Independent local council election campaign.
Yet their dynamic website has added scores of new people taking an interest in what they are proposing since Saturday.
The imaginatively named Warminster Wobble is fast approaching and the interest this year has led to it being extended by an extra day.
Two days long now its offers cyclists of all persuasions the chance to take part riding to their fancy.
"The only concern from the police was the stewarding of the event", said Colin French (pictured) who canvassed Paul Macdonald last week while he was out canvassing in East Street!
"Thanks to the Lions Club we now have this covered and we are going to enjoy a really good two-day event."

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