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Daft sign exposes council's lack of local knowledge

(June 13, 2009)
ALL over Warminster there are signs prohibiting ball games but the new Wiltshire Council appears to have found the solution in one of the most unexpected places.
sloppy"I was very surprised to find this sign (pictured) at the Weymouth Street car park," explained former councillor Paul Macdonald.
"I suppose it is a case of where there is a park, albeit a car park, then throw up a sign to do with legal rights. I know the new council left a lot of things late but this is ridiculous."
The small car park is intended for town centre shoppers who can park for free for two hours if they have displayed a ticket from the machine underneath the sign which states that 'the use of this land for sports and other pastimes is permitted by Wiltshire Council.'
The area is also very popular with Sunday visitors to the Lakeside Pleasure Grounds as almost all available on-street parking is invariably used up.
Some less popular users are 'boy racers' who are often seen and heard there gunning their engines before their next race around town.
"Perhaps the council which has replaced the district council is showing the first signs about how remote they are from the local knowledge needed," added Paul.
"Perhaps they should also add a sign 'children playing' to warn motorists as they enter," said Paul.
"I believe the town council should take responsibility for the car parks (and bring back free car parking). They would know that this area is not suitable for sports."

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