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CCTV upgrade on the way?

(September 11, 2009)
WARMINSTER is set to join the digital revolution in crime fighting if councillors agree to spend thousands of pounds upgrading and adding to the surveillance cameras.
Town councillors are taking a look at the facts and figures on Wednesday which could lead to the current video footage being replaced by up to date DVD technology.
The latest look at the system has zoomed in on the Three Horseshoes Mall leading to contact with the agent of owners Stockland.
 There has been a setback in those discussions but the town council has new options costing a five figure sum. They will bring some savings in future running costs.
 The council have already agreed to spend up to £30,000 on a new camera in Portway near the War Memorial. This leaves £15,000 in reserves..
It is believed the council had got a long way towards jointly finance a new scheme of six cameras with the owners of the shopping area but this has been thrown into confusion.
 Steve Dancey, added: "I'll be interested to see what they come up with as I have my suspicions about CCTV not being all it is cracked up to be.
"Time after time I have sat in a crown court only to overhear prosecuting counsel inform police officers in the case that the CCTV is too poor quality to be used as evidence.
"If the digital upgrade means it can be used in future all well and good, but if it doesn't then why bother?"

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