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Supermarket plans back on agenda

(November 08, 2009)
The owners Warminster Three Horsehoe's Mall have once again returned from the drawing board to submit their ideas for expanding their investment.
On Monday night the town council will be the first public civic body to air views on the proposals from Stockland who own the mall as they move from their tentative outine idea to submit a detailed proposal.
(The decision will be taken by Wiltshire Council planning committee members).
The local community, including civic leaders, commented that they appeared to be in a race with the plans for the Dents site in Fairfield Road.
Stockland would like to add a new supermarket area to their existing portfolio and once again suggest a new site to replace the existing and highly popular library which houses the Dewey Museum.
The nearby Tourist Information building which was opened by Princess Anne as the last major capital investment in the town by the now defunct District Council will also be replaced at that site.
"These plans can easily be viewed by popping into the town council offices at Dewey House in North Row," says Paul Macdonald.
"It is important that we get this right and the thing I have always appreciated about our town is the wealth of knowledge and commonsense in our community.
"I hope they will have the final say."
The town council meeting will also have their chance to comment on the plans that stirred much public comment for the garage area at Alcock Crest submitted by the West Wiltshire Housing Society

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