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No councillors quoted in press release - very unusual

(February 04, 2010)
A DECISION to splash 'megabucks' on a move of a few hundreds yards to a spacious home for Warminster Town Council is seeing more and more distance being taken by the decision makers.
'No firm decision to proceed has yet been taken' writes Town Clerk Heather Abernathie on behalf of previously verbose elected employers who are using 'weasel words' to challenges from concerned citizens.
A press release issued from Dewey House (home of Warminster Town Council) tries to answer the 'outrage' headlines above letters to the local press about a loan that will cost over £1.5 million to repay.
"The press release is interesting and very revealing," says Paul Macdonald, one of the two former councillors, who are investigating an unprecedented town parish poll in response.
"They claim they need to move to have somewhere to hold meetings as 'Privacy is denied for confidential meetings' yet what of their work needs to be conducted in secrecy away from public scrutiny," asks Paul.
The town clerk has backed up the view of Cllr. Andrew Davis who claimed that 'no firm decision' has been made (hot topics this week).
The town clerk goes on to say that plans have been available for inspection for three weeks.
Another website author followed Paul's lead and contacted his local councillor and was astonished by the response.
Many are currently keen for the Town Hall to resume its public function yet Cllr. Keith Humphries told that 'as far as I’m aware it is not actually for sale'.
Simon Burn, the editor, has outlined a whole series of concerns about the decision.
"We anticipated this situation eighteen months ago," claims Paul. "Weasel words are now being used as the councillors have been exposed in many different ways and almost seem to admit that didn't have the full picture."
"We proposed a clear use for the town hall that will benefit the young people, provide a vibrant new community centre, and need not cost anywhere near the £2million that our council are looking at spending.
"The town hall continues to be a disgrace that our town's civic leaders do not seem to be ashamed of.
"We proposed a clear use for the Assembly Rooms. We proposed the loss of the dance floor space being replaced by that at Kingdown School."
*The Mayor's Community Day on 'Saturday 27 February (10am to 4pm)  offers Warminster residents the opportunity to ask any questions they might have' as they appear to react to a vfw letter to the Wilts. Assoc. of Local Councils.

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