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Greedy builders trying to win permission to destroy farmhouse

(October 03, 2010)
WE understand that Persimmon have appealed for permission to destroy part of Warminster's heritage by pulling down Albion farmhouse in Victoria Road.
The national house builder wants to pull down the Edwardian building and build two of its 'homes' in place to turn a small profit.
The plans drew unanimous opposition from local people, councillors and the Civic Trust while VFW's Paul Macdonald took time off work to speak against the proposal when it was discussed by the western area planning committee of Wiltshire Council.
''I'm not at all surprised that the company is making this appeal as, more often than not, inspectors side with the view of the council's officers who had recommended approval for the disgusting money-grabbing scheme,'' said an angry Steve Dancey.
''Common sense has nothing to do with the planning system.
''They may win the battle in the corridors of power but  now is the time for direct action against this firm on the streets.
''I have already prepared an A board with the message DON'T BUY HERE and will set up camp on their doorstep on Saturdays to inform potential house buyers that they should not support a company that wants to destroy the street scene.''
The protest will be legal, dignified but very effective - we want to save this building from corporate greed and the only way left open is to take direct action.
The protest is designed to hit Persimmon where it hurts - in its profit and loss account.

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