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Bard of Boreham brings forth some poetry in motions

(October 31, 2010)

Ye Olde Hall of Assembling (and dissembling!) …


In Guerminstre of Wiltonshire

Was a stately pleasure dome decreed

Shekels measureless to man on hire

Was thought that town did need.


Oh how those city elders fought

For their way by might and main –

Never mind an extra nought !

But who, folk thought, would thereby gain?


Just ponder - the present place prosaic,

Transformed to something right palatial

With walls of fabulous mosaic

And windows impressively glacial


With lavish plans so grandiose

(Mayor’s parlour right municipal !)

Then voters semi-comatose

Woke up to mournful waste of capital L


For some folk t’was a great curiosity

To wonder how the elders could quite

Well argue their case with lawyers’ verbosity

Whilst forgetting that black wasn’t white.


But alas, the scheme fell under axe -

For someone ungallantly remembered

That good queen Bess must have more tax

Oops, VAT!! - then all was near dismembered.


[With deepest apologies to S.T.Coleridge]

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