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Shoppers induced to Salisbury by free park and ride - by our own council

(November 17, 2010)

 FREE park and ride is being offered in Salisbury every Saturday in sal1the lead up to Christmas in a further unwelcome blow to Warminster's traders.

Shoppers will undoubtedly be tempted by this inducement to shop in Salisbury, further reducing the size of cake available to our hard pressed shops.

"I cannot understand how they can force Warminster to 'harmonise' its car parking rules by introducing the disincentive of fees here and then leave us in the lurch again when faced with the challenge of competing with our bigger neighbours," says former councillor Paul Macdonald.

The sites will also open late when the Christmas lights are switched on, Wiltshire Council have proudly announced.

Every Saturday starting with the one at the end of November the latest Yuletide offer will entice shoppers away from the smaller neighbouring towns.

Wiltshire Council will keep all five sites open until 9pm on Thursday, November 25 to coincide with the big switch-on. (Warminster's switch on last year was better and more festive)

This offers over 2,000 parking spaces with buses run every 12 to 15 minutes in addition to the city centre car parks.

"A question is - what are our councillors doing about it?" adds Paul. "We should be battling to get a better deal.

"I will be talking to local shopkeepers this week to gauge their opinion as after two years of disruption we should be looking forward to the promised more shopper friendly Christmas.

"I still intend to spend the fiver it would cost me in petrol locally again instead.

"I suppose we should be grateful they have not extended it for the New Year sales!''

Steve added: ''I enjoy shopping in Salisbury and this offer is no doubt designed to help Salisbury win custom from West Quay in Southampton and Basingstoke's Festival Place - both big retail hubs.

''All very well but Wiltshire should also think about the small communities such as Warminster which will suffer - or are we expendable?''

*The Shires in Trowbridge has also confirmed free parking (see hot topic - 12th November) in addition to the free multi-storey car park (covenant).

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