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Warminster 'a wheel turn closer to becoming more cyclist friendly'

(December 13, 2010)
A LONG established Warminster firm is backing plans to improve facilities and routes for cyclists and supporting the team behind the 'Warminster Wobble'.
After declaring the results of their public days at the town library their enthusiasm for the future is growing.
"Although Warminster is a long way from becoming Amsterdam it is however a wheel turn closer to becoming more cyclist friendly," says wobbler Colin French.
"The Warminster cycle group has been hard at work identifying useful cycle routes around the town (see hot topics November 6th).
"The council has been quick in responding."
A walk around the route is planned today which could see cyclists being offered the chance to ride on currently prohibited routes as well as making existing favourites easier to use.
"Dents are now building their new site and Deborah Moore is keen to see the route opened up to her employees access by foot or bike," reveals Colin.
"Many of these routes are used informally," says Colin who drew up the proposals with the help of his members and Cllr. Rob Fryer.
"Our aim is to make them a part of everyday life and keeping townsfolk mobile and hopefully more healthy."
*Warminster Wobble is a link on the the website.

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