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August was a record month!

(September 02, 2011)
VISION for Warminster enjoyed another record month in August as more people clicked on to our refreshingly different website.
Last month there were 3,351 visits to the site from 1,236 different addresses (up 8 on July) and they read 11,095 pages.
Of course it is impossible to say where these people are logging on from though we know that 96 per cent are from the UK - it would be reasonable to assume that a good proportion are from Warminster as we mostly publish material about the town.
It is unusual to set a record in August as traditionally that is a silly season month with little going on.
To stimulate further interest and debate this month  the plan is to send two Freedom of Information Act requests - one to County Hall asking for the latest pay and expenses of our five county councillors. Will any of them top the 30,000 pounds barrier this time?
the other is to be sent to the town council in relation to the Assembly Rooms fiasco.
Remember 'we stir - not spin' and you won't find any reheated council press releases on this site.
Anyone who would like any more info on our figures please contact us on [email protected] - as we are committed to complete transparency in all matters.
The most viewed items were 1, Time for the two hatted duo to quit 2, The historic Warminster page, 3, The Civic slap up published on 3 August

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