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Frome wins after Warminster Council's biased boob

(December 04, 2011)
WARMINSTER has missed out on a grant in the Nat West Community Awards 2011 after the money went to Frome. (see the winning project below)
It was this public vote led grant application  that showed up the town council in Warminster for what it is earlier this year.
One project, the Ath, was promoted on the town council's website to the exclusion of two equally worthy causes.
Many people were angry but, of course, the issue was not raised in the Warminster Journal which now benefits from council funding from regular town council adverts and prints council press releases verbatim.
(something known as churnalism in the trade)

"I mentioned the council's bias in favour of one group to an  experienced council clerk," said Steve Dancey.
 "He said it was completely out of order for a town council to have acted in such a partial way and if it had happened in Hampshire it would have been brought up at HALC (Hampshire Association of Local Councils)," said Steve Dancey.
"I said that is the way Warminster's council is run and as they see nothing wrong in behaving in that fashion that is why a wholesale clear out in necessary."

FromeFM is an on-line community radio station giving people the opportunity to get involved with local issues and the things that matter most to us. We challenge local politicians, stand up for our community groups and showcase our home-grown talent.
The STARS Appeal in Salisbury will also benefit

(For Nat West purposes Frome is in the Salisbury area).

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