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Social cycling - Warminster style

(March 14, 2012)

The Flat Hill Cycling Group had its first ride on 12 March , from Warminster to Wylye and back, with Colin French, Gordon Davies and Adrian Shephard taking part.
The FHC isn't a formal club, that may follow in time, but for now it's a loose group formed with the idea of people in the Warminster area getting together for bike rides, for fun, company and good health. We'll be communicating through Facebook, enabling anyone to suggest a ride anytime, anywhere, at any level. The FHC will operate in conjunction and with the support of the Warminster Wobble
What I'm looking for personally is fairly gentle rides, mostly of 20-30 miles, but there's absolutely no reason why anyone else in the group shouldn't set up rides of whatever distance and at whatever level they like. Similarly, my own interest is in road riding, but mountain biking could be catered for too if anyone would like to set it up. The basic idea is, if you fancy a bike ride with some company, just post on the site what you'd like to do, and hopefully you'll get a response!    
For the time being, we are having rides of 20-30 miles on Mondays at 11am, routes to be decided by agreement, starting at the bandstand in the town park. 
I'm hoping that you will join, and hopefully some of your friends and associates too. If you'd like to join in rides in the Warminster area with us, please look for "Adrian Shephard" on facebook and ask to make friends with me, so I can add you to the group, or find the Flat Hill Cycling Group on FB and ask to join.                       

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