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Wiltshire's Core Strategy - some thoughts.

(March 28, 2012)
I see in the column of the Warminster Journal that the consultation on Wiltshire Council's core strategy has been leading to some debate.
Traditionally strategic plans and subsequent inquires provide an opportunity for rival groups of landowners, backed by their prospective housing developers, to argue the merits or otherwise of large allocation development sites.
But why shouldn't the little people have a say? I note that the strategy suggests rebuilding a larger Princecroft School - but have the people of Princecroft Lane or Westleigh been asked whether their streets could cope with the significant additional  number of traffic movements?
A new site for a secondary school is suggested - but why shouldn't Warminster have two smaller schools and provide people with choice and convenience?
Much new housing is suggested on the west of the town - but are many of us (including me) who are regularly contacted by the Environment Agency about the flood risk along the River Were going to be consulted? Housing development increases flood risk.
There is a suggestion for changes in Warminster car parks which are 'under-used' (page 157) - but only because of Wiltshire Council's own folly in scaring off shoppers.
Elsewhere I've seen a number of similar documents declared 'unsound' by government inspectors and it is difficult to have much faith in this one such as this which doesn't even take the care to use the correct spelling of one of the county's principal rivers.
Twice on page 150 it is called the Wyle and not the Wylye.
Take care but consultation closes on Monday and the plan runs until 2026.!

Steve Dancey

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