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Sutton Veny NIMBYS fight chicken plan

(May 10, 2012)

HYSTERICAL Nimbys in Sutton Veny have claimed that a proposed agricultural development will generate 30 traffic movements a night at Deverill Road.
The group, which includes a solicitor and transport consultant, is busy whipping up opposition to the poultry unit and is called Splitting Feathers says the Journal.
Good heavens - an agricultural building in a rural environment!
They are desperate to find legitimate planning reasons why this application should be rejected - but there are none.
The highways objections and late night noise potential can all be covered by strict planning conditions.
They also claim that it would severely affect the horse-racing stable.
Steve Dancey, who used to work on this site when it was a pig farm in the 1970s, said: "Some of these people simply want nice country villages sanitised so that they can be used for leisure activities or weekend retreats.
"I find our villages very sad places these days devoid of life, character and community.
"Those with long memories will know that Sutton Veny has a history of involvement with the poultry industry going back to the days of Sykes Chicks which was a very big business indeed during the 1960s. Later there was a pig unit owned by the Imperial Group which I'm sure created a lot more of a pong than chickens.
"If people want villages devoid of industry or geared up for horseyculture move somewhere else.
"Probably they are worried about property values in the over-priced villages. What most villages in the Wylye Valley need is another 50 low cost properties and some employment to bring them back to life."
There is another problem facing this part of Wiltshire - youth unemployment. Paul Macdonald is currently in correspondence with MP Andrew Murrison about his issue.
"I am totally opposed to any more land being used here in Warminster and the surrounding villages for housing other than 'social housing' but our 'brownfield sites' now are needed to generate jobs.
"Ask any youngster spending hours either on the internet or travelling to Trowbridge job centre seeking a job.
"We need to get localism that was a catchword of the coalition to mean what it says. Our local problem is jobs and our youngsters chances.
"If I was a 17-year-old Young Liberal today I would have organsised a campaign 'eggstra employment' opportunity for our fledging employees.

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