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Hot Topics Extra - Three Horseshoes - Policing teamwork works - Surf or Swim?

(October 24, 2012)

Stockland Plan Thumbs-up

 Stockland, owners of the Three Horseshoes shopping centre in Warminster, have been given the seal of approval by the planning department at Wiltshire Council for their scheme to add to the floor space inside four of the units.

 At the library end of the shopping mall the back of four shops will be extended opposite the Iceland supermarket with a single storey addition to their floorspace.

 "We have always argued that rather than build on green fields the way forward has to be to make the best use of land that has already been covered in concrete and tarmac," said vfw co-author Paul Macdonald welcoming the decision.

Neighbourhood Policing Success?

 Policing teamwork appears to be working as the Warminster Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) currently pursue two of their priorities in the Princess Gardens and Woodcock Road area of the town to deal with potentially life-threatening parking and distressing anti-social behaviour.

 An innovative approach to a commercial business has seen a parking area made available at National Tyres along Woodcock Road close to the Highbury sports pitches.

 Local Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) have been working with the Selwood Housing,  owners of many of the homes in Princess Gardens, and nearby Boreham Field, to reduce incidents of 'anti-social behaviour' being reported.

Swim or Surf?

 Kingdown School has a swimming pool which could provide a reallly enegetic option to youngsters who may become bored with watching TV or surfing the internet. Free swimming is on offer during all times open to the public at this DC Leisure managed leisure centre.

 It is aimed at schoolchildren up to the age of 15-years-old and is on available this half term. It will be free from Thursday 25th October until Friday 2nd November.


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