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Latest Insight - Face Your Public in sight

(November 19, 2014)

 Warminster Town Council meetings have been beset with a series of complaints from the public about being able to hear what councillors are saying.

 Councillors meeting at the expensively refurbished 'Civic centre' which is their home have listened to the public and had set up the tables that they sit at so they did not have their backs to the electors they represent.

 "So on Monday night I noted straight away that again I had my back to the public," says Cllr. Paul Macdonald.

"My mind was on what I was going to say so I decided to let it pass. It was going to be a contentious meeting anyway.

 It did not escape the attention of another Independent councillor.

 "Cllr. Steve Dancey saw an empty seat facing the public two seats from the Mayor and moved there.

 "I did not cotton on until too late that I could have done the same thing."

A snide sniping remark was then made by cllr Ridout about Steve's move just before the gavel went down.

 "Should I have taken the spare seat and sat alongside Heather Abernathie the town clerk to support him?

 "It is annoying again that something that was successfully proposed by councillor Rob Fryer about the layout of seating of the councillors was ditched," added Paul Macdonald.

 "I accept to a degree that this is a meeting for councillors to address other councilors..

  "But after the problems with the microphones that we experienced during a huge turn out from the public at the 'Settlement Line' meeting we really do now have to get this right."

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