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Blowing trumpets at taxpayers' expense

(June 30, 2015)

CONSERVATIVE councillors have once again decided they should dip into council tax payers' pockets and produce a town council news sheet for the town.

On Monday evening all the tory councillors present backed the idea, which will enable the council to claim Gold status under the local authority quality award. (No benefit to townsmen and woman)

None of the independent councillors backed the move.

Councillor Steve Dancey, who worked in the press for a quarter of a century, said: "It is for the press to hold councils to account and provide the public with information.

"These council inspired news sheets, called town hall Pravdas, are out of date, stir up problems and are often held in contempt by members of the public.

"I imagine the proposal will cost £4,000 plus a year plus countless officers' hours - no doubt the blue members will employ their best camera obscura to hide the cost in the same way they use smoke and mirrors to hide the true cost of the Civic Centre.

"The town council has many challenges to face and spending thousands each year on puff to blow their own trumpets is a shoking waste. We have more pressing demands to satisfy than this."

Councillor Paul Batchelor asked about the county council's approach to the issue of disseminating information but was told they concentrated on their website.

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