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Public is urged to attend Home Farm planning application meeting on Monday 12 December

(December 02, 2016)

A Plan to build 135 dwellings on farmland near the edge of the town will be considered by Warminster's planning advisory committee on Monday 12 December.

Although Wiltshire Council as the the decision maker has a consultation on the proposal by Hallam Land Management at Home Farm which ends on Friday 9 December Warminster town council has been granted an extension enabling discussion about the plan at a public meeting.

Independent Councillor Steve Dancey, said: "This gives both sides the opportunity to make their case in public and before councillors.

"I hope as many people as possible make the effort to attend the meeting so that councillors are left in no doubt about the feelings of the local community regarding this proposal.

"The meeting starts at 7pm and will take place in the Civis Centre."

The rules at the town council meeting are 'suspended' allowing public participation.

Councillors will listen to views expressed for three minutes from each person that puts up their hand to speak before the planning application is considered and an opinion reached.

"I am really interested to see how this meeting goes," said Planning Advisory Committee vice-chairman Independent Councillor Paul Macdonald who chaired a meeting for the first time in November.

"This is a key decision. It has to be assessed against the government approved county core strategy and the county approved town council neighbourhood plan.

"I chaired the November meeting in the way I had learned over 30 years ago. I had the casting vote so if the Committee voted in favour so did I and if they had voted against so would I.

"However, if a vote had been tied then I woul have used my casting vote to vote aginst as it had not got a majority.!


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