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Warminster Town Council town clerk post - APPLICANTS BEWARE

(December 12, 2016)

ANYONE thinking of taking on  the demanding role of Warminster Town Council clerk should be warned that the post could disappear after next May's elections.

Some Independent councillors who already sit on the council are a working on radical proposals that would make the £50,000 a year post redundant after being replaced by two new posts more in tune with the needs of 2017.

These would be chief executive (economic development) and finance officer (responsible financial officer). Anyone appointed to the role of town clerk this week would not automatically be chosen as one of the new officers.

Steve Dancey, said: "Our town council is highly political with the 8 Conservatives completely shutting out non party members from important decisions.

"Even though the three independent councillors in East ward were the only ones elected in a meaningful contest in 2013 we have not once been consulted by the Tories about what sort of person we should be looking for.

"Had we been consulted then we would obviously have informed them of our proposals which we will put before the electorate next year.

"So anyone who is offered the recently advertised post would be best advised to not give up the day job as the town clerk position may only be extant for a short time.

"The same complete lack of courtesy also extends to the appointment of mayor - not once have we been consulted about the choice."


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