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Residents abandoned by Wiltshire Council cuts

(April 28, 2017)

Independent county council candidate Paul Macdonald for the East ward worked hard to deal with the dog fouling issue.

He came up with an innovative two town approach employing a dog warden sharing the costs which almost succeeded two years ago as a town councillor.

Dog Poo Notes 001

"I found this on my way campaigning but the residents were not at home.

"It shows how in so many ways Wiltshire Council is leaving us to fend for ourselves in Warminster," said Paul today.

"Now we Independents are proposing a two role approach.

"This will see a Dog Warden/ Litter Warden employed by the town council to enforce our campaign to undo the running down of services in our town by those who should do better.

"I will demand a contribution from county hall if elected as it is primarily their responsibilty.

"A walk from the Portway estate to the ward I am trying to win again revealed the extent of these two problems including overflowing bins.

"This raises serious questions about the privatisatiion contract that sees this as a problem that repeats itself so many times."

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