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Vital Bus Service to Salisbury Cut

(April 28, 2017)

Boreham resident and Independent council candidate Paul Macdonald is 'shocked' by the severity of the Conservatiev cuts to bus services from a local stop.

Wiltshire Council launched a bus consultation very early in 2016 without any debate on its findings so far.

"I saw a new timetable at my local stop for the Salisbury service after someone waiting there asked me for the number of a taxi company because the delay was too long," he said.

They had a hospital appointment to get to. Paul went home in disbelief and checked on-line and found that the cuts had not started yet - one was due in 20 minutes and told her.

"Up until now there have been 13 almost hourly buses," Paul explains.

Bus Service Cuts 001a"This is now our local bus stop timetable and it is slashed by a third to just nine.

"On Saturdays it is cut by nearly 50%!

"At one point there is a three hour wait and this is outrageous.

"The bus service wil be impossible to use by those trying to get to work.

There is no evening service which means anyone from places like Codford who work in town cannot get home especially as there is not railway station between here and Salisbury.

"I believe almost all hospital appointments from here are now at Salisbury Hospital,

"I will now campaign to get a Salisbury Hospital 'Hopper Bus' service from Warminster and all villages towards there and have the 265 route extended to Odstock".

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