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Parking Penny Pinching Gone Mad

(February 17, 2018)

Conservative Wiltshire Council has added a 'double whammy' to those who use car parks across the county adding to problems in streets around the town centre of Warminster.

"There must be a special team at county hall to have come up with this penny pinching gone mad contribution to their massive budget," said Cllr. Paul Macdonald.

"They are going to phase out the residents parking permits in our car parks in September which may only affect dozens at the moment but comes in the new era of car-less planning applications for development being approved in Warminster..

"These parking permits was an idea I supported over twenty years ago as a West Wiltshire District Councillor.

"It encouraged car owners without a parking space to pay a very reasonable fee back then not to cause problems using a street near their home instead," explained Paul.

"Now abandoned it once again will add to the pressures on residential roads and streets.

"It has taken over three years to help Imber Road and Plants Green residents to deal with this issue," added Paul.

Wiltshire Council have already increased this month car parking charges and introduced them on Sunday affecting at least two church congregations.

"Well-paid Wiltshire Councillors in this town are dumping services that they cannot cope with on unpaid town councillors piecemeal which is a disgrace," adds Paul.

"They should give us a comprehensive properly prepared public services option to consider which includes the transfer of the car parks into our hands for us to make these policy decisions."

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