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Reward offered for return of much loved bike taken from outside Warminster library on Wednesday

(August 09, 2018)

A DISTINCTIVE blue bike was stolen from outside Warminster library between 4pm and 8.15pm on Wednesday afternoon. (8 August)

The bike, a GT aggressor, had been left locked in the bike park area adjacent to the southern side of the building.

When owner Steve Dancey returned to collect the bike at 8.15pm all he found was the snapped bike lock.

He said: "I have had bikes tampered with in this area before but this is the first time the thieves have managed to break the lock and get away with the item.

"Police have been informed and they will be looking at CCTV in the vicinity to check for evidence of who was responsible. The bike has a number of distinctive features which will enable them to identify the item."

A photo of the missing bike is attached to this story. There is a small reward available for the safe return of the bike.


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