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Shameful Wiltshire Council Decision

(June 02, 2020)

A former Warminster Town Councillor has reacted with disbelief a decision to re-introduce car parking charges in the market town which was struggling even before the lockdown was declared by the government.

“Shame on Wiltshire Council.,” said Paul Macdonald who served three times as a councillor.

“On Monday this week the government have eased the lockdown allowing more retail outlets to open which is good news for our high street shops amongst others.

”For week after week ordinary shop workers almost all on minimum wage have struggled through not being able to get the same income they were used to receiving.

“No doubt the government will be pleased to have them contributing through income tax and national insurance again.”

Trowbridge based Wiltshire Council own and run the car parks in Warminster.

“How did the county councillors and mandarins respond? On the same day They re-introduced car parking charges taking yet more money away for those who can least afford it.”

Car Parking Charges 001“Their decision to give employment to enforcement officers at the expense of the wider public is a disgrace.

“As our town centre shops try to get customers through their doors with distancing rules competing to get people back from free internet shopping those potential shoppers will also have pay to shop locally.”

“I hope that the cabinet member or committee at Trowbridge that took this decision regrets this and we should demand that they extend free parking again.”

Car Parks Control

Warminster Town Council have successfully taken over running the town park and Wiltshire Council want them to do more.

At the time Paul was on the council they tried to take over control of the Western and Central car parks.

“It fell through because the council could not afford the astronomical sums Wiltshire wanted and would only lease them our town,” said Paul.

Paul has an idea that that he wants the town council to consider in these difficult times.

“I have e-mailed the Mayor Chris Robbins asking him to get this issue back on the agenda at the town council.

“If he does we can look at what support can be given to those affected by this using an extension of the of the scope of the Warminster Parking Partnership on a temporary basis to help people get back on their feet." added Paul.

"It should also take another look at the long term future of this issue."


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