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4,000 hits so far for

(October 29, 2008)
An innovative internet site  less than two months old is already attracting hundreds of people to their computer screens in Warminster.
  perhamWebsite is the brainchild of Steve Dancey and Paul Macdonald and brings community politics into the 21st century.
 The two Warminster residents are former councillors who believe now is the time to produce a vibrant way forward for the town.
 Already the site has four discussion pieces with  new sections being added fortnightly.
 They have launched the website to promote comment on their ideas for the town with a publication date of the finished 'vision' ready for the launch of the new 'one council for Wiltshire'.
 "We felt it absolutely vital for Warminster to be ready for the opportunity that will be offered by the launch of Wiltshire Council," said Paul Macdonald.   
 Remarkably, the project is proving popular despite it only being promoted by just one advert in the local Warminster Journal, a couple of hundred hand delivered leaflets, some e-mails, and word of mouth.
"I'm very pleased with the response so far as the site has attracted more than 5,000 'hits' so far and interest is building on a daily basis," said Steve Dancey.
sc2"It shows that many people are genuinely interested in the future of the town, especially if the issues are presented in an easy to follow way instead of the jargon so well loved by many local authorities."
 "It is important that in these days of the quick fix publicity seeking answers that we steadily build a solid way forward with positive ideas of real substance," explains Paul.
 "We are really pleased with the overwhelmingly positive comments to the sc11chance the town is being offered by Vision for Warminster to have an overall approach to the future free of negative thought or vested interest."

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