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Davis takes a stand

(November 22, 2008)
A TOWN councillor has pleaded with his colleagues for more respect to be shown to the office of Mayor at important meetings, writes Paul Macdonald.
 Councillor Andrew Davis (Con) reminded those sat at the full town council meeting this week that there were 'protocols' associated with being a member.
 "It is normal for those who want to speak at the full meeting, and only the full meeting, to stand and address their remarks," said Cllr. Davis.
 The Mayor Cllr. Veronica Burden nodded in approval with the faces of all her predecessors in photographs on the wall behind her.
 Cllr. Davis wanted councillors to return to the days when he was first elected as a councillor. He reminded them of the custom half way through the agenda.
 The meeting was attended by nine of the twelve strong council including one wearing denim jeans, and four members of the public.
 They all rose from their seats when the Mayor entered the room but after that most spoke from their seats.
 Only two of those present then adhered to the tradition that dates back decades.
 Cllr. Chris March (Con) was the only one to agree and apologise for staying on his backside having spoken at length about new headed notepaper.

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