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Bad news for Warminster High Street

(November 28, 2008)
WARMINSTER High Street trader Woolworths normally makes the local headlines for its charity fundraising but it is yet another major business that is in trouble in the huge downturn in the national economy, writes Paul Macdonald.
 Administrators have been called in to try to save the business which has been a stalwart of the town centre for decade after decade.
At the moment the staff have been reassured that the store will stay open until after Christmas and their wages will be paid.
 The owner of another business in the High Street told that there has be 'real concern for the future of the High Street'.
 The High Street (as well as the Market Place) has already been hit by the long-running 'impovements work'.
 The Woolworths board nationally had a re-structuring plan ready to go but a consortium of national banks refused to authorise it throwing the publically much loved concern into crisis.
The Woolworths website was unavailable today 'for maintenance work'.
"It seems a strange thing to say that you have an emotional attachment to a national chain store but many people will be very sad if Woolworths closes," said Steve Dancey.
"I can recall shopping there as a child in the 1960s spending my old pennies on Airfix kits and also buying Thomas the Tank engines for my son in the 1990s.
"But everything changes in the High Street - I seem to remember my mother lamenting Woolworths as it took over the site of Ted's Cafe which was a highly popular venue for her generation in the war.
"I hope Woolies  stays open as the town centre will suffer without it."

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