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Flutters and shutters at Newbury

(November 30, 2008)
II HAS been the sport of kings and queens in this country for a century and more but the excitement of being at the races got an additional boost for a five-year-old Warminster girl this weekend.
The sight of Chloe Chadwick sat on the shoulders of grandfather Colin Milliken cheering on the horses with mum Rachael Milliken and gran Carole caught the eye of a Country Life photographer.
He happily snapped away as the family cheered on the riders galloping past. 'The lady in Pink' was the words he used to describe Chloe.
The family had gone to Newbury for the Hennesey Gold Cup meeting on Saturday and after paying £22 to enter the premier grandstand to get the best view they were pleased with the way the races were going.
"My dad's into racing," explained Chloe's mum Rachael. "We go occasionally to Salisbury races about two or three times a year."
Racheal has an eye for the winners. She picked horses that came in second five times and a winner.
"I only missed the Gold Cup winner!" quipped the 24-year-old.
"Chloe's into horses and gets excited to see them. She is not riding yet but we have plans for her to get into the saddle."
The family had a good day with their flutters.
"I do a £2.50 each way bet on each race," explained Chloe's mum Rachael. "I actuallty doubled my money and my mum picked a forty to one winner!"
"It was an amazing day out."

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