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First snow of the winter

(November 30, 2008)

THE first snow of the winter fell in Warminster this morning (Sunday) and the early snow will have been an unwelcome sight for many.

On top of this there is news from the Met Office which says that while the winter overall may be slightly warmer than the 1971-2000 average the month of December will be colder than average.

When oil prices raced up to $147 a barrel earlier this year the gas and electricity companies were quick to force up the charges to their domestic customers.

Hopefully they will show equal zeal in cutting charges now that the price has fallen back so swiftly.

If not there is a case for government action as a cold winter is bad news to all those struggling to pay their bills in the wake ofthe credit crunch.

Gas, electricity and water are not really like other commodities as you must buy them so they are not fully exposed to market forces - although you can switch providers in some cases.

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