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Windows matter close to resolution

(December 10, 2008)
AN E-Mail was sent to the HQ of the Factory Shop regarding their controversial window style - as  was promised to Primrose Kirkland , and others, who commented about them.
The business replied to the communication, which was rather strident in tone, within 24 hours.
Their reply reads:
It is disappointing that our first communication should be via such an aggressive and confrontational email. I would suggest you might do better to find out the facts before you launch into such an attack, you may even find people support your views and you’re actually picking fights with your supporters not your detractors.
We always liaise with the local council planning dept before we go ahead with any signage; we were initially told the signage was acceptable although it was later refused consent.
We have been working to resolve this with the council for the past year, as the building is listed we have additional difficulties to reconcile. However after many discussions and meetings with the planning department, the heritage officer and English Heritage we hopefully are close to a conclusion.
Although I understand the concern over the appearance of a shop front if I lived in Warminster I would rather your efforts were channelled into creating jobs as opposed to causing difficulties to those employing local people. Surely it is better to have a vibrant shopping area attracting people into the town than more boarded up shop fronts of which Warminster has its share, many of which have been empty for some time.
The plight of the High Street is no better illustrated than the recent failures including Woolworths, sometimes it is necessary to make compromises for the greater good.
I wish you luck with your campaign, our country needs hard working committed people but perhaps you should focus on real issues not headline grabbers.

 Colin Leggatt

Marketing Director
The Original Factory Shop Ltd
Hopefully we will see this matter resolved to everyone's satisfaction as in most respects the Factory Shop is an excellent retailer offering good choice and value in the town centre. 

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