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The lamb flies down on Boreham (not Broadway)

(December 14, 2008)
IT MAY be a new Warminster thing that will not have people looking skywards but licking their lips as it is freezing and flying shortly later writes Paul Macdonald.
Brendas Kitchen in Boreham Field has built up a steady line of regular customers calling on a Sunday to pick up the traditional Sunday Roast as a take-away.
Delighted customers can now enjoy lamb as a new addition to their lunchtime choices of chicken or beef but it is an icy reaction to her new culinary talents that has taken on a whole new meaning.
Customers are literally shivering as they pick up her latest offerings but not cold-shouldering the chance to dine effortlessly after a visit to the local newsmart.
"They are flying out of the door," said Brenda Carter describing her range of frozen meals for one. "I''ve enjoyed cooking since I was five."
The 51-year-old grandmother has put her decades of home cooking talents to good use producing her microwaveable meals for one.
"The are affordably priced at between £1.50 and £4."

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