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New outlet for arts and crafts at Chinns Court

(December 16, 2008)
ANOTHER set of good reasons to shop locally have arrived in Warminster from all over Great Britain and southern Ireland with  some strong local connections thrown in, writes Paul Macdonald.
Just a couple of weeks before Christmas Jane Upsall with the help of her husband Jeremy has opened her Tutti Arts gallery in Chinns Court just off the Market Place.
"This is the third time in fifteen years that I have thought about doing this and I am so pleased to have done it," explained Jane.
"As a family we've had a lot of holidays in and around St. Ives which is an artists' colony and that has been part of the inspiration."
The gallery is on two floors and is now home to work by crafts persons from the Isle of Arran all the way down to Cornwall.
Joining this is a cabinet displaying the jewellery of Warminster's very own Linda Beveridge.
"I am only selling items from Great Britain and southern Ireland made by local people as I feel it is important to offer an alternative to the goods that are mass produced in China in sweatshops," added Jane.
The gifts start at under two pounds for hand made fridge magnets with jewellery prices a sparkling £18 and upwards.
The walls are festooned with fine art and other displays include everything from sculpture to glassware.

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