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Goodbye Woolies - you served us well

(December 29, 2008)

WARMINSTER Woolies will close for business on 5 January but there will be little left in store by then.

“I went for a last sad walk around the shop today - not with any great intention of buying but just to say goodbye,” said Steve Dancey.

“It is quite illogical to feel nostalgia about such a store but the emotion is there nonetheless.

“We are all aware that such shops are, by and large, run by corporate drones whose only interest is in squeezing the last drop of profit out of the customer.

“For the last decade my visits there have become fewer although I did buy a Wii there in September.

“The passing of Woolworths will mark the start of a major and probably decisive phase in the battle for the High Street in which most of our town centres become places where you no longer go to buy things although they will still provide services….the tattoo shop is always busy.

“Few of us in Warminster can remember the town without a Woolies and for those who grew up here or in other small towns, the local Woolworths was always an interesting place in the 1960s and 1970s.


“For many years it was the biggest shop in town which is perhaps the reason why we feel more sadness about its demise than people from larger cities where Woolies was just one of many large stores.

“I do hope we can avoid the unseemly spectacle seen in some towns of people almost fighting over the last ironing boards offered for sale with a 90 per cent discount.”

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