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Regency elves raise money for charity

(January 01, 2009)
THREE Christmas characters in Warminster brightened up the festive period at a snip and raised money for a good cause at same time, writes Paul Macdonald.
Mother Christmas and her two elves set off from their grotto and Santa workshop-cum-hairdressing salon in the Regency arcade with their fundraising buckets on the Friday leading up to Christmas Day.
"There was good responses from most places," said Ros resplendent in her Mother Christmas outfit. "Everyone had a laugh with us and the girls certainly turned a few heads."
Setting off from East Street in costumes made by Ros their mission was to raise money for a motor neurone disease charity from shoppers and visitors to the town centre.
new elvesThere was just one disappointing note. Three pubs had been asked for the go-ahead to visit but said no.
The hairdressers had already been busy getting their customers to take part in a Christmas Quiz, name a cuddly toy, raffle for a hamper and how many sweets in a jar - all for charity.
"I am one of her elves called Spice," said Amy. "It has been a lot of fun."
"I am sugar. Guess whose naughty and guess whose nice," said Donna with a laugh.
They would normally have been joined by Sam, another regular at this annual event.  But she was celebrating a special event of her own. The arrival of a baby that week! 
It is now a long established tradition that the hairdressers is transformed into a yuletide scene and again it has paid off as  £279 had been raised by Christmas day with money still coming in.
"I have done a quick add up and over the years we have given almost £10,000," added Ros.
Pictured: Donna with Ros and Amy at Regency Hairdressers.

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